How to Tell When Online Slots Payout

  • Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

It is often asked by players “when do online slots payout?” Well, here we will break down just how online casino slot machines work. Plus, we will give you a few insider tips to help you improve and recognise just when your favourite online casino game will be ready to drop its fortune for you to win.

The Online Slot Machine

When it comes to an online slot, there are many complex factors to be aware of, especially when analysing when they are ready to cash out. The process of studying games online usually takes players 3 – 6 months to master, so with this guide, you will be fast-tracked to knowing what approaches to take and what to be aware of when playing these types of casino games.

The first thing you need is a trusted online casino. You can take a pick from the top 10 sites listed right here, there you will be able to play inside of platforms which are firstly licensed for players in South Africa and secondly, are certified as having fair games which have been independently tested by regulators. Having these kinds of tested games gives you more of an advantage of winning because they are not fixed and are void of faults.

How Slot Games Are Built

All the best slots and the worst ones are built the same way. Software developers like Red Tiger, Microgaming, Play’n Go and NetEnt, use algorithms to program their games. The online slot is not just a complex system that controls the function of the basic level of gaming, the algorithms play a far deeper role within the coding. The most commonly used algorithm or program that you will find on casino slot machines is the Return to Player percentage. This can often be found in the gaming details and as an example, will look like this: RTP 94.76%. This is not a reflection of the likelihood of you winning. This is the percentage score of the money that has to be placed in order for the machine to payout. In short, slots will pay when the timing is right in conjunction with the money paid into it by the players.

When Will a Slot Drop?

There are a number of things which to note and look out for when selecting the games you’ll play online and from them, you can build an understanding of when they will start to payout.

  1. If the algorithm is based on the percentage of money paid into a game, then the best option is to pick newly released games and popular features. Everyone loves a new game arrival. The more interest a game has the more players play and thusly, the returns from the machine will be more regular.

  2. Daily jackpot games are now a growing trend. The current most popular series is done by Red Tiger gaming. Their games are synced to three different jackpot values. Jackpot one is a sum that pays out at random. Jackpot two is a sum that must payout before a certain time in the day, usually midnight. Jackpot three must be won before it reached a specific amount.

  3. Progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah™ and Divine Fortune™ have long had a history of consecutive payouts. After a period of months of waiting, two wins come virtually back to back. The best time to play any of these games is when the first jackpot is won because the second soon follows.

You will find that the more you play the same series of games, that you will start to notice patterns in the play. You literally will develop a second sense that the game doesn’t feel right, 20 spins in at it’s not landing a win, then you’ll know to stop playing and to leave the game alone for a week or so. It also goes the other way; you’ll know when a game is different if the wins are too frequent and bonus rounds seem to land quicker. The best tip is to have your favourites and to have your favourite software developers, because if one of their games is acting slightly odd, then they all will be, for good and bad.